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President's Message - November


About the Folk Club


The Club was formed in 1968 and has remained one of the most successful in the country and continues to thrive in spite of fluctuating fortunes and changes of venue.


We feature a wide range of music - from blues to ballads, country to contemporary, Celtic to jazz, and all styles are welcomed and encouraged.


We are an incorporated society governed by the Incorporated Societies Act.


We meet at Maddisons Bar, cnr Moorhouse & Montreal Sts.

Sunday nights at 7:30 PM. - music starts at 8:00 PM

The Club is usually closed for Queen's Birthday weekend, Labour weekend, and from mid-December to mid-January. At Easter, the Club (in the form of a separate incorporated entity) hosts a most glorious and entertaining 4-day weekend of music at Wainui (near Akaroa).

We have a committee of 8 or 9 and every Sunday one committee member is Host and will answer inquiries, welcome new people, arrange for a compere, and take care of booked performers.

This is a LISTENING Club. Talking and other noise is to be kept to a minimum during performances. Members who disturb performers and the audience may be asked to leave. The Committee reserves the right to revoke the membership of any member who is consistently disruptive.

Smoking is restricted to a corner of the venue to the right of the bar (facing the stage). Smokers are asked to give consideration to the fact that there are a number of members adversely affected by tobacco smoke and to refrain from smoking in situations where it may be offensive. Additionally, there are regular smoke-free concerts at which smoking in the listening area is forbidden.

Most Sundays we feature a support artist who plays for approximately 20-30 minutes and the main artist for the evening, who performs for approximately 60-90 minutes. The main performer is paid a fee, which is why we have a door charge.


We also have nights for our members to play:


    1. "Open Mic Night" where members who wish to perform ring the Host or the Compere in advance to put their names on the list. Entry fee is a gold coin.
    2. "Come All Ye" nights where the emphasis is on informality - no stage or P.A. system is used and we sit around a circle and each person performs or passes.
    3. "Blind Date" nights where the names of those wishing to participate are drawn out of a hat in groups of three. These trios are then given 2 weeks to prepare a 10-minute act.
    1. Cheaper entry to club nights
    2. Frequent cheaper entry to special concerts by overseas and out-of-town artists.
    3. Entry at members rates to other Folk Clubs around NZ on presentation of your membership card.
    4. Newsletter with advance notice of who will be performing for the following 6 weeks, inside information on what on around town, reviews, etc.
    5. A register of active members (subject to the Privacy Act) for non-commercial use of members.

You committee all give their time and effort voluntarily, from running raffles, setting out chairs before and stacking them after concerts, booking acts, and the MANY other tasks associated with running a successful Club. As a member of the Club, you are invited to attend our Annual General Meeting and perhaps volunteer for the committee