Well itís been a pretty hectic period for your committee, and those who helped out, but I think weíd all agree itís been worth it.


The next series of concerts are designed to be rather more interactive. While still including some fantastic acts we have also planned some really fun nights leading up to the festive season.


History has shown us that having a specific Xmas break up function too close to the end of the year hasnít always worked, so lets treat the "Medieval Night" as our chance to dress up and have a fun night out.

With the variety nights that are planned it is not feasible to have a resident artist for the next period. This will be picked up again in the New Year.



The u-beaut, industry-standard, top-notch, yea ha, facilities that have been used in the past to produce this magazine are unfortunately no longer available to us so we are now very much a "Cottage Industry" We will endeavor to continue to produce a publication of high standard.

You can help by submitting any promos or articles as soon as they come to hand to Cynthia at 3371452



You might be wondering why I seem to be the one to contact regarding the next 2 months, well at the last committee meeting we forgot to roster a host for the next period and this being a long weekend I canít get hold of any one else to "pass the buck" there will be a Host on each night who will be announced, hopefully, the week before. In the meantime feel free to contact me with any queries.

Cheers Russell