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15 - Combo's Night

22 - Open Mic Night

29 - Haggis Night


6 - Lorina Harding

13 - Jane Belfrage

<Christmas Break>


24 - Andy Irvine




15 Nov

Very similar to the Blind Date except that you can go into this one with your eyes open.

Ask someone you’ve always wanted to play with and put something together. (No-one will know who asked who) Duos Trios or more any combination your only restrictions are the size of the stage and the sound system, which is 5 microphones and 4 direct inputs.

2 items per act, maybe 3 short ones definitely not 2 long meddles.

Contact Russell 3810754




Contact Russell to book your spot.


Come and participate or support our new budding artists.


29 NOV



  • Dancing
  • Kilts
  • Song
  • Pipes

Lorina Harding

Singer, songwriter, musician, actor, puppeteer, clown, teacher



Lorina Harding's Songwriting workshop


6 Dec The Music Center


$15 members

$30 non-members

Booking essential phone

Russell 3810754 or at the door on a club night


Jane Belfrage


Jane was born in Melbourne in 1960 and spent a number of years living in Canberra. After a classical training on the piano, Jane began playing traditional Irish music following a trip to Ireland in 1978. A visit to Scottish harpist Savourna Stevenson in 1986 inspired her to play the harp. She obtained one of Andy Rigby's first Australian/Paraguayan harps and taught herself to play and compose for the instrument. Jane combines traditional Irish musical forms with funky rhythms, jazz harmonies, and a unique lyrical impulse. She communicates her love of the harp in an innovative and exciting performance style.

Jane has given concerts at Mietta's in Melbourne, and is well known at the National, Port Fairy and Maleny Folk Festivals. She performs regularly at weddings, corporate functions and special events. In October 1994 she released her debut CD entitled The Glittering Star, documenting eight years of her own unique and beautiful compositions for the harp, and her four year musical collaboration with Canberra baritone-guitarist Simon Kravis. The album is much beloved by listeners of all ages.

Recordings of Jane's music have been broadcast on community radio and ABC Radio National programs for many years. In 1995 Jane was honoured by The Glittering Star being a featured album on ABC Radio National's prestigious The Nightly Planet. In 1993 she completed a Masters, degree in feminist theory and philosophy, writing a thesis on soundscape and the knowledge practice of listening. She has lectured and published in the field of cultural theory. Jane has recorded on a growing number of CDs made by other Australian artists.

"Jane is a gifted composer who has pulled together musical and personal influences to write some delightful music."

Graham. McDonald, Canberra Times


Andy Irvine


"His forte, his genius is playing his mandolin, mandola, and bouzouki. I have never heard such clarity of sound, such perfect and precise rhythmic variations or such brilliant melodic figures from this family of instruments"

- San Francisco Examiner


"Irvine turned in a dazzling display of one-man bandsmanship."

- The Scotsman

"The concert was an unqualified success. Irvine delivered a wonderfully diverse set that included traditional and contemporary Irish songs, American songs, and Bulgarian and Macedonian dance tunes."

- Toronto Star

"Andy Irvine's solo stage show is a musical travelogue through time and space. His right-hand dexterity bouzouki was nothing short of amazing."

- Frets Magazine - USA

"Andy Irvine has been one of Ireland's most creative talents for nearly twenty years."

- Boston Globe

"Woody would have been proud."

- Denver Post

"Irvine's voice and accompaniment combined in a spell-weaving fashion, his story songs so fully animated that it's easy to understand how some cultures get along just fine without cable TV."

- Los Angeles Times

"Andy Irvine is a tradition in himself."

- Irish Press

"What make an evening with Irvine so special is that every note he picks and every line he sings comes from the heart. Everything he touches is performed with honesty and conviction and his playing is never less than breathtaking".

- Sydney Morning Herald