This is the official website of CAFCA, the Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa.

Latest updates

30 April 2016

2015 Roger Award winner announced - full details now online, including Judges' Report.

15 April 2016

CAFCA Forces Overseas Investment Office to Lift Cloak of Secrecy on its Approvals - now added to Press Statements page.

11 April 2016

Flogging the Country Off to Foreign Owners Does Nothing to Reduce NZís Debt - now added to Press Statements page.

9 April 2016

Tax Havens Among Biggest Foreign Owners of NZ - now added to Press Statements page.

8 April 2016

What Export From NZ Is Bigger Than Seafood & Milk Powder Combined? and Four Out Of Five Kiwi Workers Aren't Employed By Transnational Corporations - now added to Press Statements page.

7 April 2016

Key Facts page revised and fully updated.

31 March 2016

Overseas Investment Office - Decisions section now features information for the period April to October 2015.

1 December 2015

2015 Roger Award Finalists Named: Full details of the six corporations shortlisted for this year's award.