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Murray Horton Speaking Tour New 31 March to 29 May 2014: "Who's Running The Show? And In Whose Interests?"
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Foreign investment in New Zealand 

CAFCA's monthly analyses of the decisions of the Overseas Investment Office and predecessor, the Overseas Investment Commission.

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New The winners of the Judges' and People's Choice 2013 Roger Award have been announced. Article on overseas ownership written in the light of the Crafar Farms sale. Privatisation presentation from "The Real Issues" public meeting.Also: Murray Horton's New Zealand speaking tour, Vanguard Films movies available for free viewing or download, news media ownership (last updated 13 September 2008 but there is news on it carrying on), backgrounders, press statements, Transnationals Code of Conduct, submissions, trade, globalisation, electricity deforms, and more...


to groups with related interests.

The Anti-Bases Campaign (ABC) site now includes a link to Wikileaks cables about New Zealand, released in 2010.

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