Overseas Investment Review

The government has announced yet another review of Overseas Investment policy and legislation.

The legislation was last reviewed in 2004-05 and underwent major changes, a new Act coming into effect as from August 2005. You can see our submissions and relevant articles here.

Below is information if you are also concerned about the current review


We say “no” to the Government's proposal
to further liberalise the 2005 Overseas Investment Act

If you would like to add your name, or the name of an organisation that wishes to support this statement, to the list below, please email cafca@chch.planet.org.nz.
  • Unite Union
  • Matt McCarten, General Secretary, Unite Union
  • Mike Treen, National Director, Unite Union
  • Bill Willmott, Emeritus Professor
  • Dr Robin Gwynn
  • Reverend Brian Turner, Past President, Methodist Church of NZ
  • Russel Norman, Green Party Co-Leader, on behalf of the Party
  • Jeanette Fitzsimons, Green Party MP
  • Frances Mountier
  • Kay Murray, Alliance Party Co-Leader
  • Prue Hyman, Adjunct professor of Gender and Women's Studies, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Maire Leadbeater
  • Joe Davies, organiser, Unite Union
  • Simon Oosterman, organiser, National Distribution Union
  • Paul Corliss
  • Dion Martin, organiser, National Distribution Union
  • Trevor Hanson, General Secretary, Maritime Union of NZ, on behalf of the union
  • Councillor Paul Bruce, Greater Wellington Regional Council
  • Andrew Campbell
  • Dr Jane Kelsey
  • Catherine Delahunty, Green MP
  • Dr Sue Newberry
  • Dr Bill Rosenberg
  • Dr Viola Palmer
  • Marie Venning
  • Paul Elwell-Sutton
  • Lois & Martin Griffiths
  • Noeline Gannaway
  • Graeme Clarke, General Secretary, Manufacturing & Construction Workers Union, on behalf of the union
  • Isabel Morgan, Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit.
  • Victor Billot, Alliance Party trade spokesperson
  • Patricia Morrison QSM (Queen's Service Medal)
  • Piet Radford
  • Paul Piesse, Alliance Party President
  • Peter Sumpter
  • Betty Shore
  • Jon Field
  • John Ring, New Zealand Democrats for Social Credit spokesperson on foreign affairs
  • Alan Thatcher
  • Dennis Small
  • Don Murray, grandparent
  • Ken Mackinnon, Associate Professor, School of Law, Waikato University
  • Ed Hitchcock
  • Steve Pivac, Manager, Tall Tree Company
  • Dr Maurice Ward
  • Ann Currie
  • Claire Jonas
  • Sue Bradford, Green MP
  • Joanna Piekarski
  • Peter Wood
  • Alan Cash
  • Alastair Duncan, National Bargaining Coordinator, Service and Food Workers Union
  • Jim Holdom, Executive Member, Workers Institute for Scientific Socialist Education (WISSE)
  • Linda Hill
  • June Bright
  • Lesley Bright
  • Hans Heumann
  • Dale Frew
  • Dick Keller
  • Don Archer
  • Linda Rutland
  • Dr Oliver Hoffmann
  • Patricia Scott
  • Laila Harre
  • Ngarie Jones
  • Scott Mieras
  • Barry Jenkins
  • Anne Burke
  • Perry Spiller
  • Terry Sumner
  • Syd Vingoe
  • Peter Volker, consulting engineer
  • F. Hoffmann
  • DG Mason
  • Nancy Hammond
  • DW Martin
  • A. Elmsly
  • Dr E. Nannestad
  • Greg Smith
  • DJ Panckhurst
  • Kay Weir, Editor, Pacific Ecologist, journal of the Pacific Institute of Resource Management
  • Mr GM Waring
  • Reverend Don Borrie
  • Mr Aarn Tate
  • Sally James
  • Gerry Hill
  • Ian Ritchie
  • Gill Minogue
  • Roger Gale
  • Patricia Iversen
  • Gilbert van Reenen
  • Roger Morris
  • Meg Collins
  • Mike Collins
  • Sam Huggard
  • David Hill
  • Peter Murnane
  • Susan Creedy
  • Bob Anderson, President, Workers Institute for Scientific Socialist Education (WISSE)
  • Gail Marmont
  • Keith Heggie
  • Katherine Ransom, Vice President, Democrats for Social Credit
  • Jocelyn Bieleski
  • Paul Bieleski
  • Mrs Gabrielle Waring
  • Barry Littlewood
  • Don Cedar Poole, individual
  • Rob Ritchie
  • Jim Gladwin
  • Carl Horn
  • Dr Brian van Dam
  • Robert Reid, National Secretary, National Distribution Union
  • Mike Gunson
  • Alison Fletcher
  • Norman Fletcher
  • Joe Hendren, Researcher, National Distribution Union
  • Reihana & Geoffrey Robinson, organic farmers & environmental activists
  • Gwen Struik
  • Eugenie Sage
  • Marilyn Park
  • Ruth Gerzon
  • Denis O’Connor
  • John Summers
  • Mary Reilly
  • Ann Epston
  • Peter Dane
  • E. Heke-Dane
  • Michael Rawlinson
  • Paul Goodwin
  • Dave Witherow
  • Patricia Smith
  • Dave Evans
  • Donna Lawson, Benefit Rights Advocate, Wellington Peoples Centre
  • Lance Bullock


Background to the changes

Contact CAFCA if you need more information.

Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa,
P. O. Box 2258

Email: cafca@chch.planet.org.nz