Overseas Investment Act Review 2005

The Overseas Investment legislation underwent major changes in 2005. The new Act went into effect as from August 2005.

CAFCA and many other organisations made submissions opposing many of the changes and recommending what effective legislation should look like. With Cabinet orders from above, and trade agreements preventing any signficant changes, most of these recommendations were ignored.

A review one year out shows our concerns were justified.

Below are background materials and others used in the submission process, and the CAFCA submission.


CAFCA's submission on the Bill

You can download CAFCA's 58 page submission in an indexed form (a 668KB PDF file) or in a more compact form (239KB PDF).

Background to the changes

Leaflet (a 124KB PDF file) warning about the threats and opportunities in the review that preceded the law change.

The bill itself: in PDF (184KB) or text.

Speeches from a public meeting on the bill in Christchurch on 14 December 2004:

New Overseas Investment Bill throws the door wide open

Open wide! Dr Cullen prescribes a bitter pill: more transnational control

The devil is in the detail. Implications for land; Maori; foreshore and seabed

We must have the right to pick and choose: Review of Overseas Investment Act

Review Of the Overseas Investment Act: Threats and Opportunities

Official papers from Treasury

Submissions on the Bill have closed. The following material may still be of interest, and was used in many submissions.

  • Here is a sample submission many used or adapted: in HTML format (so you can read it online) and in Microsoft Word format (so you can make your own changes to it). Also available in RTF format.
  • Here are some suggestions for using the sample submission and how to do it (this is also in the Word document with the submission).

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