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New - Murray Horton's 2014 speaking tour speech 'Who's Running the Show? And In Whose Interests?'
Murray Horton's 2011 speaking tour of New Zealand

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The Roger Award

The winners of the Judges and People's Choice 2013 Roger Award have been announced. See also details of winners in previous years, who the judges were, what the Roger Award for The Worst Transnational Corporation Operating in New Zealand is, and the Judges' Reports for the 1997-2013 Roger Awards.

Murray Horton's 2014 speaking tour speech 'Who's Running the Show? And In Whose Interests?'

New - Download materials from Murray's recent speaking tour.

Murray Horton's speaking tour of New Zealand

Murray Horton toured the North Island in April 2011, and the South Island in May 2011 speaking on:

  • The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and the dangers it poses to the NZ economy and to our very democracy.
  • Privatisation of our public assets.
  • The relentless takeover of NZ businesses and land by transnational corporations.
  • The re-absorption of NZ into the US Empire.
  • And, most, importantly, how the New Zealand people can fight back; it's too important to be left up to the politicians.

His speech is here [211 KB PDF file].

He also spoke at the Roger Award event. There is an event calendar and media coverage including video at and a GreenPlanet radio interview.


The Real Issues

On 2 November 2011, during the campaign for the General Election on 26 November, CAFCA held a public meeting in Christchurch called "The Real Issues: What are the real issues facing the people of NZ and Christchurch this election?". Speakers were Jeremy Agar, CAFCA Chairperson, on the Productivity Commission; Murray Horton, CAFCA Organiser and Convenor of New Zealand Is Not For Sale Campaign, on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA); Bill Rosenberg, CTU Economist and Policy Director, on Privatisation; and Mike Peters, Addington Action Organiser, on the politics of the earthquake recovery.

Here is the presentation on Privatisation [1.04 MB PDF file].

Privatisation by Stealth

On the day of the event announcing the 11th Roger Award in March 2008, the 10th anniversary of the award, a conference was held called "Privatisation by Stealth" [146KB PDF file]. The speakers were:

  • Murray Horton, CAFCA - Introduction [30KB PDF file]
  • Bill Rosenberg, CAFCA - International pressures driving privatisation [112KB PDF file]
  • Laila Harre, former Cabinet Minister - on the internal and external pressures on Government to privatise (copy not available).
  • Sue Newberry, Associate Professor of Accounting, University of Sydney - on the structures in place which enable some privatisation initiatives to proceed without the public being aware - slides from her presentation [171KB PDF file].

You can hear a Radio New Internationalist programme, "Privatisation continued", with Laila, Bill, and South African anti-privatisation activist, Silumko Radebe from the South African Anti Privatization Forum, at Click on 'Radio' on the contents bar at the top of the page.

News Media Ownership

Who owns who in the Aotearoa/New Zealand news media (latest version available 13 Sepember 2008). See the news of it being maintained by the Journalism, Media and Democracy Research Centre at the AUT School of Communications.

Press statements


Article on overseas ownership written in the light of the Crafar Farms sale. Vanguard Films movies are available for free viewing or download. A Beginner's Guide to Foreign Control, Foreign Investment in New Zealand, Corporate Code Of Responsibility, ...

Submissions by CAFCA

CAFCA submission and other material on the Overseas Investment Bill 2005

This replaced the long-existing Overseas Investment Act, with many significant changes, many for the worse, a few for the better.

 CAFCA submission on the International Treaties Bill

The International Treaties Bill was introduced by Keith Locke MP, and followed a series of similar proposed bills brought forward by other MPs. Its objective is to improve the process of public information and consultation on international agreements (such as trade agreements), and to make them subject to Parliamentary approval before they are signed and ratified. Currently there are no such rules for consultation, and the Cabinet has power to approve such agreements (although the Labour/Alliance government has agreed to a non-binding Parliamentary vote).

Also: submissions on the Singapore free trade agreement 2000, Economic and trade relationships with Australia 2000, Telecommunications Inquiry 2000, Electricity Inquiry 2000, APEC Inquiry submission 1998, Overseas Investment Act amendments: 1994 and 1998...

The Globalisation of Poverty, Free trade and New Zealand agriculture, Equity Conflicts in Environment and Trade, Free Trade versus economic development ...


A new round of negotiations is underway.

The proposed 2001 New Zealand-Hong Kong Free Trade and Investment Agreement

The New Zealand and Hong Kong governments held unsuccessful negotiations in 2001 with the aim of negotiating a free trade and investment agreement. This 64 page study found that if such an agreement was based on the Singapore-New Zealand Closer Economic Partnership, an existing Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement, and the WTO, it presented numerous dangers to New Zealand. (PDF - Acrobat - files.) Since then an agreement has been reached (2010).


Foreign Investment and APEC, Implications of the APEC agenda, APEC Inquiry submission 1998, After APEC ...

The Singapore Free Trade Agreement

Submissions on the agreement by CAFCA and Jane Kelsey, articles on how it affects investment, our sovereignty, economic development …

Proposed US-NZ Free Trade Agreement

What price free trade with the U.S?

Economic relationships with Australia

A submission by CAFCA covering investment and a single currency with Australia.

Mike Moore, WTO Director-General

Review of Moore's latest book, Mike Moore: A view from New Zealand ...

The electricity deforms

Electricity Inquiry 2000, Electricity regulation in the US, The Privatisation of New Zealand's Electricity Services, Power Frenzy: the takeover of the electricity industry, The Deformation: "Reforms" continue to wreck the electricity industry ...


Bill Rosenberg's address to the CAFCA AGM in 2010; Campaign to Keep Our Port Public (separate web site); News media ownership in New Zealand (latest version September 2008); Suharto and crony investments in New Zealand; Overseas investment statistics from the Overseas Investment Commission, 1998; The problem is not savings but investment, ...

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