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New All that glitters is not gold, by Murray Horton

An edited version of this article, written in the light of the Crafar Farms sale, was published on the Perspective page of the Press (7/2/12), under the title “Foreign Ownership Of Our Land Gives Overseas Investors Power”.

A Beginner's Guide to Foreign Control, by Murray Horton

Fifty pages of facts and analysis - the basis of many of Murray's speeches around the country. He regularly updates it: this is the July 2000 version.

Foreign Investment in New Zealand, by Bill Rosenberg

One of the most thorough analyses of Aotearoa/New Zealand's international investment position available. This was published as Chapter 1 of "Foreign Investment: The New Zealand Experience", edited by Peter Enderwick, 1997. (A PDF - Acrobat - file.)

Corporate Code Of Responsibility

CAFCA's Corporate Code of Responsibility for Transnational Corporations TNCs operating in this country. (An HTML - Web - document.)


Vanguard Films is an independent film producer which has made many documentaries including some stunning exposés and analyses of the way the new right took over New Zealand politics in the 1980s and 1990s and rammed through its policies - and the disastrous effects on New Zealanders. Some of their most powerful films are now available free to view on line and to download.

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