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Overseas Investment Office's Conditions On Shanghai Pengxin's Farm Purchases Prove Meaningless

In September Landcorp announced that it is selling nine sheep and beef farms. Included in those are farms that it was running on behalf of Chinese company, Shanghai Pengxin. [More...]

Overseas Investment Office Good Character Process Review

Land Information NZ released today the independent review of the Overseas Investment Office's "good character" process in the wake of its 2014 approval of the sale of Onetai Station to buyers who figure in the Panama Papers. [More...]

IAG/State Insurance Just Keeps On Demonstrating Why It Won The Roger Award

This latest outrage by IAG / State Insurance just goes to show why it was such a worthy winner of the 2015 Roger Award for the Worst Transnational Corporation Operating in Aotearoa / New Zealand. [More...]

Overseas Investment Office Review: What NZ Needs is a Bouncer, Not a Doorman

The Government has announced an "independent review" of the Overseas Investment Office in the wake of its 2014 approval of the sale of Onetai Station to buyers who figure in the Panama Papers. [More...]

Well Done, Mr Weldon! First You Stuffed TV3, Then You Stuffed Yourself

It was one of those fascinating contradictions of capitalism that the foreign-owned TV3 always took its journalistic obligations more seriously than the State-owned TVNZ. [More...]

CAFCA Forces Overseas Investment Office to Lift Cloak of Secrecy on its Approvals

The Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA) has had a relationship with the Overseas Investment Office (and the Overseas Investment Commission before that) dating back to the 1980s, when we waged a five year long campaign just to get any access to its data at all. [More...]

Flogging the Country Off to Foreign Owners Does Nothing to Reduce NZ’s Debt

A common justification for flogging off NZ, particularly its publicly-owned assets, to foreign owners, is that it is necessary to reduce the county’s debt.

In a word: nonsense. [More...]

Tax Havens Among Biggest Foreign Owners of NZ

The Panama Papers have shone a most welcome (and long overdue) light into the murky world of tax havens, offshore trusts and shell companies.

It is worth noting that two notorious tax havens - the British Virgin Island and the Cayman Islands - are among the top foreign owners of New Zealand companies. In both cases, they rank ahead of China, just to put it into perspective. [More...]

Four Out Of Five Kiwi Workers Aren’t Employed By Transnational Corporations

Business New Zealand said today ("Foreign Investment Essential For New Zealand") that: "Today one in five New Zealanders works in a firm that is part-funded by FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)".

Not so. The actual figure is lower than that and is lower than what it was in 2000. [More...]

What Export From NZ Is Bigger Than Seafood & Milk Powder Combined?

The answer is the exported profits of transnational corporations. Proving that foreign “investment” actually sucks out more money out of New Zealand than it puts in. [More...]


Key's double talk on land sales disturbing

John Key is reported (Press, 18/3/14) as telling iwi leader Sir Mark Solomon and the public different things concerning NZ land sales to China. Solomon was told the Government is encouraging China to lease rather than buy New Zealand land, whilst publicly Key denies there is any change to "the rules around foreign investments". [More...]


Blackmail and Corporate Welfare: Government Plays Monkey To Rio Tinto's Organ Grinder

CAFCA says you could have knocked us down with a feather. So, Rio Tinto is not going to close down its Bluff smelter as it threatened to do a few months ago (and has threatened to do every time it feels that its charmed existence in New Zealand is going to become less cushy). Instead, it has condescended to keep it open - but only guaranteed that until January 2017. [More...]

Let the 'too big to fail' smelter fail

"Too big to fail" was the mantra of the robber banks and other transnational financial sharks during the Global Financial Crisis, which remains ongoing. This left the victims to pay for the costs of the crime, while the corporate criminals walked away scotfree and kept their loot. In this country, Rio Tinto's Bluff smelter was decades ahead of the fashion. [More...]

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