Independent Images Inc

Independent Images works to nurture New Zealand independent films and videos by creating a supportive network of active and like-minded people. We facilitate and support a diverse range of moving image screenings and events. It is our objective to continue to provide members and similar organisations with a valuable network of contacts and information resources.

We are an approachable and energetic bunch of people who are keen to make, show, and discuss films!

Independent Images has a management committee of eleven members whose tasks it is to oversee and coordinate all activities. Members of this committee are voted in at the AGM. Due to the diversity of our activities we have a system of 'working parties'. We encourage members to participate in and develop a variety of skills through these groups

Membership Entitlements and Opportunities
My annual membership card entitles me to:

  • A quarterly newsletter.
  • Regular events updated.
  • Discounts to screenings and workshops.
  • Participation in regular meetings.
  • Contribution to regular working parties.
  • Participation in `Show and Tell' evenings to view and discuss members' work.
  • Access to a world-wide database of film festival information.
  • Opportunity to be on our crew list database.
  • Meet other people interested and active in moving image creation.
  • Development of a myriad of skills.

Membership Fees

  • $25 - Individual Annual Fee
  • $15 - Individual Half-year Fee
  • $50 - Institution Annual Fee

For further information contact Independent Images Inc. at:
Room 210
Old Chemistry Building
Arts Centre

PO BOX 526
New Zealand

(03)3770677 or 3655723