Web Hosting for CyberPlace Canterbury

Plain Communications
Plain Communications is a commercial Internet Service Provider and has been operating in Christchurch since 1994. In addition to operating CyberMall New Zealand (for commercial hosting), Plain Communications is the principal sponsor of CyberPlace Canterbury, which serves to promote the interests of community groups, and other not-for-profit organisations, by providing the opportunity for them to gain a presence on the World Wide Web (WWW) through a Web page (or pages).
This is a free service!

CyberPlace Canterbury
CyberPlace Canterbury is an on-line resource site created specifically for this purpose, and it currently hosts Web-pages on behalf of local community groups, trusts, services, government departments, aid organisations, protest groups, educational facilities, and environmental groups for the purposes of information dissemination, public profile, and networking.

CyberPlace Canterbury is divided into the four following categories :
1. Community
2. Education
3. Environment
4. Peace

Within these there can be subcategories, such as the Christchurch Community Directory - Agencies Index (under 'Community') which then branches into five subcategories of it's own.

What We Expect Your Pages to Include
Information - who you are and what you do; what services you offer.
  - how to contact you: including physical address, postal address, telephone, fax, and e-mail address.
If you are interested in an e-mail service with us
please read this information.
  - you may wish to include: your mission statement if you have one, organisational history, personnel details, anything you want other people to know about.
  - are there other organisations or groups that have a Web-page you would like to be linked to/from?
Updates - keep your site up to date with any changes that occur, or that you wish to make. As this is a free service, the onus is on you to provide us with this information, either by e-mail or on floppy disk by mail.

Additional Information

  • Your site will be hosted at a directory under the CyberPlace Canterbury domain, for example
  • It is required that you place a graphical link back to CyberPlace Canterbury on every hosted page, so every visitor to your page is a potential visitor to the rest of the pages in CyberPlace Canterbury (and vice versa). You can do this by adding the following code anywhere on your main page:

<a href="">
<img src=""
alt="CyberPlace" border="0" width="104" height="80">

Plain Communications reserves the right to refuse access to this service, and will not publish any offensive material.

Email-Only Accounts
Email-only accounts are available for organisations listed in CyberPlace Canterbury, with subs at the cost of $4.50 (incl GST) per month payable in advance. You can also pay annually in advance with a 10% discount on subs at $48.60 (incl GST).

For further information on this and other accounts please contact:

or visit the CyberXpress home page

Contact:   Email:
    Tel: 03 364 5888
    Fax: 03 364 5828
    Post: CyberPlace Canterbury
PO Box 7578