Unitarian Universalists of Christchurch

November/December 2006


We meet in the WEA Rooms, 59 Gloucester St.

at 10:15 am for a 10:30 start.

Minister: Derek McCullough


Our Mission Statement

With openness and in accordance with Unitarian Principles, we come together to share in our continuing commitment to a free and loving search for spiritual meaning and to the expression of that meaning in our community and in our lives.


November 5                Fears and Hopes

Derek McCullough

Continuing our springtime theme of renewal and growth, Derek

will draw from Forrest Church’s book “Freedom from Fear” and

look at how much we are guided by our fears rather than our

hopes. “Rolling away the tombstone of fear to let in the sunshine of


On Duty: Derek


November 12              The Power of Ten               

Phil Gang

What is large? What is small? In what ways can an understanding of the finite and infinite worlds prepare humanity for its own  evolution of consciousness – even for the evolution of the new human?

On Duty: Derek


November 19              Peaceful Picnic in the Park

Because the horrible weather prevented many of us from attending

the unveiling of the Peace Bell in the botanical gardens, we will

hold our own UU welcoming ceremony, followed by a springtime

picnic. Meet at the WEA rooms as usual.

On Duty: Derek


Please bring an item of non-perishable food for donation to

Te Whare Roimata.





December 3                                    In Praise of Doubt

Derek McCullough

Unitarian Bertrand Russell said ”The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people are so full of doubts”  We will discuss this in the light of the play “Doubt” currently playing at the Court Theatre. (See review on P3)

On duty: Derek


December 10                                 The Singing Season

Natalia Artemiev

Natalia will lead us in a service of singing old favourites and new, seasonally appropriate, songs, along with some interesting readings.

On duty: Derek


December 17 7pm                        Summer Solstice

It is time again for another sensational summer solstice sunset service at Ka Whare Rehua. Bring something to BBQ and a side dish. This is a good service to bring a friend or two along.

The service will start at 7.30pm, followed by Sunset at 9.08pm 

RSVP to Derek or Rebekah on 384 9099.




Thoughts from the (Rocking!!) Chair

Greetings all,

Seeing as this is the last newsletter of the year, I would like to wish everyone season’s greetings. It has been an interesting and eventful year, and we have a lot to look forward to in 2007.  I would like to thank all those people who have contributed to making our fellowship continue to thrive into our 11th year!  Small groups like ours are dependant on the goodwill of volunteers.


See you on Sunday


Review of “Doubt”            The Press Oct 24.

“Well, here is a play to exercise the mind. John Patrick Shanley’s Broadway hit, Doubt, more than lived up to expectations. It is a riveting piece of theatre which has you wondering who is the offender and who is the victim.

Set in a Catholic school in the Bronx, it is the story of Sister Aloysuis’ attempt to unmask Father Flynn, who she believes is sexually abusing a boy pupil.

On the surface, there seems little evidence, but this is not a play about the problem of verification. It is about the certainty in its personal, institutional and historical manifestations.

The irony is the nun’s unshakeable faith is an outcome of the same institutionalised certainty that enabled the predator priests to go undetected for so long. For that reason, while you suspect the priest, you doubt the nun. And in that you have an engrossing play which pulls you both ways.

What really grabs you though are some first rate production values. The direction is intelligent and the acting a pleasure to watch. Yvonne Martin, as the school principal, is a powerhouse, performing as well as she has ever done.

Paul McLaughlin, familiar from TV’s gormsby series, shows he is equally at home in the theatre with a perfectly rendered characterisation.

Amy Straker rose to the challenge of a majoe dramatic role, and Susana Lei’ataua, as the boy’s mother, has a real presence and a fabulous voice, but pushes too hard.

Doubt is excellent. It is an intense and dramatic play made acutely real by the Court’s very fine production.”

                                                                        Alan Scott.


Doubt runs until November 18. Tickets are $35, but if we can get a group of 20 people to go on the same night, it is reduced to $28. Contact me if you want to go and we’ll see if we can agree on a date.




Other Christchurch Events


Aotearoa/New Zealand Buddhist Study Group     

Buddha's Place        287a/291 Selwyn St, Selwyn Village

A place to discuss Buddhism in a New Zealand context. Call Brian Lilburn on 981 2969.


Sunday Gatherings                       10:00am Sundays  various locations

Contact Mark Humpage for details mhumpage@xtra.co.nz


Sea of Faith                                      4 p.m.                         St Ninians Church, Puriri St.

Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Sunday’s of each month. Contact George Ridley   Ph 347 7564 for details

We affirm the unfailing renewal of life


Rising from the earth, and reaching for the sun, all living creatures shall fulfil themselves.


We affirm the steady growth of human companionship


Rising from ancient cradles and reaching for the stars, people the world over shall seek the ways of understanding.


We affirm a continuing hope


That out of every tragedy, the spirits of individuals shall rise to create a better world.


                                         Leonard Mason

 (reading #470 from Singing The Living Tradition)





The Management Team

Brenda Crocker                    Chair                                                  342 7878

Rebekah McCullough        Secretary/Treasurer                         384 9099

Natalia Artemiev                                                                              942 6022

Martin Lewis                                                                                     351 1127      

Stan Raymond                                                                                 379 6266

Hilary Wilson                                                                                                388  7616

Please contact any of the above with any suggestions, offers or concerns.