We are a "One stop shop" for people needing Social and Community agencies.
All the groups listed here offer their services free of charge, and are designed to help you, the public.
All the groups are available Monday to Friday. If you require assistance, do not hesitate to phone or visit.
Remember,there is no charge for these community sevices.

Canterbury Autistic Asssociation

Tel: 366 4820
Austistic Association is a support organisation for parents of Autistic children and adolescents.


Tel: 366 9456
Birthright offers support, encouragement and practical assistance to children of one parent families.

Canterbury Volunteer Centre

Tel: 366 2442
Provides information & opportunities for those wanting to do voluntary work, or organisations wishing volunteers.

Citizens' Advice Bureau

Tel: 366 6490
The Citizens advice Bureau provides information and guidance on almost any subject, to anyone.
Enquiries Confidential.

Christchurch Household Budget Advisory Service Inc

Tel: 366 3422
Offers free budgeting services, education in money matters, advises on the clearing of debt by providing clients with
the skills to manage their money.

Christchurch Safer Community Council

Tel: 377 2261 or 377 2262
C.S.C.C. is a two year pilot scheme, committed to creating safer communities by promoting effective co-ordination of central / local government agencies and community groups.

Community Business Services

Tel: 379 4768
Provides non-profit Office supplies and Print and Publishing services to the Community sector, while creating employment for people with disabilities.

Community Law Centre

Tel: 366 6870
For free legal advice, information & referral service on consumer problems, benefits, debt, A.C.C.,Tenancy and Family Law, etc.

Council of Social Services

Tel: 366 2050
Brings together central and local government, voluntary agencies and community groups, providing a channel to give information back to the community. It has a particular concern for those who are less advantaged.

Cystic Fibrosis Association New Zealand

Tel: 365 1122
The Cystic Fibrosis Association aims to ensure increased life expectancy and to improve the quality of life for people with Cystic Fibrosis.

Disabled Persons Assembly

Tel: 379 8525, P.O. Box 32-074
Provides information to people with disabilities in Christchurch and Canterbury. Currently promoting their guidebook "Accessible Canterbury".

Hebron Trust

Tel: 366 7017 or 366 0452
Provides young people with Drug and Alchohol education, living skills, and provides parents of young people with care giver support and education.

National Council of Women

Tel: 365 2309
Co-ordinating body of Women's organisations in N.Z. The council is concerned with family life, pay equity, leagal equality, education and the well-being of all people.

Network Waitangi Otautahi

Tel: 365 5266, P.O. Box 550
Incorporating Project Waitangi Workshops, the Network is focussed on Pakeha responsibility but is open to all who are working for a society based on the Treaty of Waitangi.

N.Z. Council For Education and Training in the Social Services

Tel: 366 6755
Assists local communities and groups to identify and meet their Education and Training needs. Provides information, education and training in the social services.

Pacific Island Evaluation

Tel: 365 1458
Offers counselling, family counselling assesments, confidentiality, support services for all alchohol and drug abuse problems.

Samoan Advisory Council

Tel: 366 2158
Services provided, interpreters, translations, fosters Samoan language and culture. Liases with government departments, assists in passport applications and renewals.

Te Runaka Ki Otautahi O Kai Tahu Trust

Tel: 379 7934
The mission of Te Runaka Ki Otautahi O Kai Tahu Trust is to enhance Mana Maori Motuhake in Otautahi. The pervasive concept of Mana Moari Motuhake is embroidered in classical poetic imagery and is depicted in the following expression: "The jewel of Moari identity, The plume of Moari dignity, The soul of Maori prestige".

Tenant's Protection Assosciation

Tel: 379 2297
Provides tenants with advice and information on housing problems, Housing Corporation Bond office and tenancy tribunal.

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