Otautahi Womens Labour Pool (OWL)

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What is the Otautahi Womens Labour Pool?

OWL is a Charitable Trust.
OWL works to create educational and training opportunities which will enable women to achieve economic and social independence, within a supportive environment.

How does OWL work towards its objectives?

Women are provided with:

  • Advice and information on employment matters.
  • Advice and information on educational and training options.
  • Advice and information on re-entering the workforce (particularly for older women).
  • Advice and information on business matters and all aspects of self-employment.
  • Business courses run by OWL.
  • Assistance with curriculum vitae compilation.
  • Assistance with letter writing and interview technique.
  • Support and mentoring.
  • A network for women in self-employment.
  • A network for women in trades & professions.

OWL works to:

  • Promote non-traditional work for women.
  • Promote self-employment networks eg. the W.I.S.E. (Women in Self-Employment) network meets regularly.
  • Liaise with training providers in the community to help facilitate the educational and upskilling process for women.
  • Liaise with schools to provide young women with careers information on non-traditional work.
  • Liaise with business people to provide an information kit on women in non-traditional work.

OWL refers clients to a wide range of women in self-employment:

  • Painting and Decorating.
  • Gardening/Lawn mowing/ Section clearing.
  • Cleaning.
  • Trades.
  • Professions.


How can OWL help you?

If you are an employer?
By providing you with information about employing women - by bringing you the Roadshow which will give your business information about employing a young woman in a position that requires training.

If you are a school?
By bringing you the "Roadshow" which will provide information to Students and Staff on the Wide range of employment options that are now available to young women.

If you are a community agency?
By being involved in the network and referring women on to you.

If you are a client?
By putting you in touch with trades and professional women.


What kind of information does OWL hold?

OWL gathers and holds information on a wide range of topics:

  • A directory of Christchurch Women in self-employment and trades and professions.
  • Employment agenices in Christchurch.
  • Training providers (both "T.O.P"s and user payers).
  • Self-employment agencies.
  • Relevant legislation eg. Employment Contracts Act, Human Rights Act.
  • Social Agencies in Christchurch.


How do women contact OWL?

By telephoning or calling at our office to make an appointment. For further information:

Ann Duncan or Dawn Clark
1st Floor,
Manchester Unity House
180 Manchester Street
PO Box 13-720
Telephone/Fax: (03) 366-7620