Christchurch Community Directory
Maori and Pacific Island Community Organisations


Maori Women's Welfare League

The Kaupapa for the Maori Women's Welfare League is to work for women and their families.The League promotes the health, culture, history and wellbeing of Maori.The Otautahi branch of the League supports Ngai Tahu iwi issues and is in the role of Tuahuriri Runanga.

Network Waitangi Otautahi

Incorporating Project Waitangi Workshops, the Network is focussed on Pakeha responsibility but is open to all who are working for a society based on the Treaty of Waitangi.

Ngai Tahu Maori Trust Board

Is the representative for the Ngai Tahu iwi.

Te Ruananganui O Tahu

The policy making body for Ngai Tahu and as such directs the affairs of the iwi.

Otautahi Maori Women's Refuge Office

Provides a safe and confidential temporary place to stay for women and children escaping domestic violence.

Rehua Marae Trustees

Rehua Marae Trustees administer and maintain the Marae which is the guiding force behind the whole Rehua Marae complex.Providing service to kaumatua, Kohanga Reo, and visiting hui to the city as well as the provision of social services within the complex are some of the areas in which the Trustees are involved.

Te Rito Arahi

Te Rito Arahi is involved in the prevention and reduction of alcohol and drug abuse particularly within the Maori community through health promotions, counselling,relapse prevention, and support of other appropriate Maori initiatives.

Te Roopu Manaaki O Rehua

Te Roopu Manaaki O Rehua provides an alternative care/manaaki social programme,working from Kaupapa Maori.It seeks to empower those who are least resourced, offering child and family services, Kaumatua services, and budgeting and health advice.

Te Runaka Ki Otautahi O Kai Tahu Trust

The Otautahi Runaka is the Kai Tahu Tribal Council for Christchurch.Its objectives include the provision of social services to Maori, advice and guidance to all sectors on bicultural matters, research and consultancy, business and economic development.

Te Ture Manaaki O Rehua

Te Ture Manaaki O Rehua provides legal assistance to Maori in a manner comfortable to Maori.The initiative is Marae based and seeks to empower Maori in the legal system.

Christchurch Tongan Community Associaition

Provides for the needs and interests of the local Tongan community.

Pacific Island Evaluation

Offers counselling, family assesments,confidentiality, and support services for alcohol and drug abuse problems.

Pacific Island Health Council

The Council seeks to promote health issues with reference to the Pacific Island members of the Christchurch community.Information,education and advice are available within the health resource centre.

Pacific Island Network

Works with Pacific Island communities, identifying their needs;liaising, education, interpretation and advocacy, as well as raising awareness about aspects of health.

Samoan Advisory Council

The Council provides information and resources, an interpreting and translating service, advocacy with government departments and youth counselling.The council works to maintain the cultural values and identity of Pacific Island people and to provide appropriate services for Fanau.