Christchurch Community Directory
Health Organisations


Canterbury Asthma Society

Oxford Terrace Baptist Church Lounge, cnr Oxford Terrace & Madras Street, Christchurch.
Tel: 366 5235 Fax: 366 5209
Contact: Mrs. Monica Mangos

To bring together in service those with a concern for asthma sufferers. To spread knowledge, to alleviate social distress, to finance medical research in asthma. To promote the well-being of people with asthma and related conditions.

Canterbury Autistic Association

12 Grange Street, Christchurch.
Tel: (Bus)332 1038 (Hm)385 6608
Contact: Mrs. Sally Millar

Support groups for parents of autistic people.

Canterbury Bereaved By Suicide

P O Box 24 193
Tel: 3777 233
Contact: Karen Teira - Chairperson

A non-profit community association formed for and by people bereaved by suicide. Offering support and assistance: including home visits, fortnightly support meetings, telephone support, a bi-monthly newsletter, an extensive library and helpful literature.

Canterbury Community Council on Alcohol & Other Drugs

Contact:Paul Rout

The Council seeks to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol and other drugs misuse through improved information liaison, education, co-operation and promotion.

Canterbury Cot Death Society

6 Elizabeth House, Circuit Street, Christchurch
Tel: 364 8747 (24-hours)

The society offers support to bereaved families, supplies apnoed monitors for at risk babies and is active in community education concerning cot death. Support meetings, informal coffee mornings and seminar/conferences are held periodically.

Canterbury Mental Health Association

Po Box 1876, Christchurch
Tel: 389 4001 (Hm) 352 5472
Contact: Anne Carroll

Umbrella organisation; Seeks to link people involved in mental health interests. Seminars, workshops. Some lobbying.

Canterbury Paraplegic & Physically Disabled Association

Parafed Offices, Burwood Hospital, Burwood. Christchurch
Tel: (Bus) 385 4449 (Hm) 327 6347
Contact: Graham Condon

Encouragement of disabled sport and recreational interests and educational/vocational programmes for community and disabled groups.

Canterbury Parents of Deaf Children

4 Grimseys Road, Christchurch
Tel: 347 8401 Sue Campbell 388 1002 Alan Bensley

A support group for parents of deaf children and working for the benefit of deaf children.

Canterbury Spina Bifida Support Network

Crippled Children Society lounge, 27 Kilmarnock Street, Christchurch
Tel: 352 5441 Suellen morton / Tel: 3448 8974Nan Doughty

To give support to families with a member who has spina bifida.

Christchurch Child and Family Clinic

426 Barbadoes Street, Christchurch
Tel: 377 0676
Contact:Ruth Feeley

Health clinic designed especially for children 0-18 years old and their families with a multidisciplinary team approach. Practitioners - Paediatric podiatrist, speech language therapist. Programmes - Lactation consultant, child/family counsellor, family doctor, regular seminars.

Christchurch Deaf Society

232A Armagh Street, Christchurch
Tel: 379 8251 Fax: 379 2919
Contact:Karim Baradi, Secretary/Manager
Times:Monday to Friday 9am-4pm

Christchurch Sexual Health Centre

33 St.Asaph Street, Christchurch
Tel: 364 0405

Free confidential advice, examination and treatment of all sexually transmitted diseases including Aids, Free access to specialist care and Maori health advisors.

Cystic Fibrosis Association of New Zealand

Trustbank Community House, 187 Cashel Street, Christchurch
Tel: 365 1122
Contact:Bruce Dunstan

To provide family support, education and information, public awareness and fund raising, to achieve increased life expectancy and improved quality of life for people with cystic fibrosis, to assist research.

Disabled Persons Assembly

Trustbank Community House, 187 Cashell Street, Christchurch
Tel: 379 8525

Umbrella organisation providing a lobbying and advocacy role, promoting the issues and concerns of people with disabilities and their organisations. We have a liaison role with local authorities and as a national organisation.

Disability Information Service

314 Worcester Street, Christchurch
Tel: 366 6189 Fax: 379 5939

Providing a free community service with accurate and up-to-date infomation on a wide range of disability and related health issues. You are welcome to write, phone or visit.
For further information about the Disability Information Service
please click here.

Pacific Island Health Council

Maria Godinet-Wai

The Council promotes the health of the community with special reference to Pacific Island Members.A health resources centre has been established to provide information, education and referrals for the community.

South Island Grow Centre

Cynewulf Tanner

Self-help group for the rehabilitation and development of mental health through friendship and education.

Te Rito Arahi

Terry Huriwa

Te Rito Arahi is involved in the prevention and reduction of drug and alcohol abuse, particularly in the Maori community through health promotions, counselling, relapse prevention, and support of other appropriate Maori initiatives.

Tranquiliser Recovery and New Existence(TRANX)


Self-help community group that supports people who have become dependent on tranquilisers and/or sleeping pills.Also offers phone support, referral for counselling, and educational workshops.